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  • The political power of social media

    Clay Shirky writes on Foreign Affairs this week Arguing for the right of people to use the Internet freely is an appropriate policy for the United States, both because it aligns with the strategic goal of strengthening civil society worldwide and because it resonates with American beliefs about freedom of expression By switching from an […]

  • The death of Google Adwords

    I don’t really understand why anyone would want to pay Google money for Adwords. I ran a little experiment recently to promote our web sites using Google Adwords and Twitter. Here are the results: The results of my little online marketing experiment show a huge advantage for Twitter with focused search phrases in bios over […]

  • Pharmas, Web 2.0 and regulation

    For a change – ethics based regulation that differentiates between the medium and the message. Dr. Jean Ah Kang, works at DDMAC and is in charge of Web 2.0 policy development. She speaks very well at her interview with  Mark Senak, a regulatory affairs lawyer ( eyeonfda.com ).  Here is the podcast:  FDA’s views and […]