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  • Dissonance is bad for business

    In music, dissonance is  sound quality which seems “unstable”, and has an aural “need” to “resolve” to a “stable” consonance. Leading up to the Al Quaeda attack on the US in 9/11, the FBI investigated, the CIA analyzed but no one bothered to discuss the impact of Saudis learning to fly but not land airplanes. […]

  • Information security best practices workshops

    Every Thursday at 14:00 GMT  we host a best practice security workshop online for business professionals, vendors and consultants. There is a short high-quality presentation and we share  knowledge gained in the  trenches. It’s 20 minutes, it’s free and it’s always a lot of fun. Register Here you will receive a confirmation email with a […]

  • Research shows that software defects are a key factor in data theft

    A recent article on Internet Evolution , written by Gideon Lenkey quotes the SANS Institute: “application software is a major vulnerability for enterprises“. The root cause of application security vulnerabilities is bugs (usually design bugs but often implementation defects). A research study performed in 2007, analyzed over 180 data theft events.  The empirical data shows […]