Tag: Software piracy

  • The economics of software piracy

    One year ago this time was World Cup season and Mondial fever put a lot of regional conflicts on the back burner for a month – not to mention put a dent in a lot of family budgets (husbands buying the latest 60 inch Sony Bravia and wives on retail therapy while the guys are […]

  • Practical security management for startups

    We normally associate the term “small business” or SME (small to medium sized enterprise) with commercial operations that buy and sell, manufacture products or provide services – lawyers, plumbers, accountants, web developers etc… However – there is an important class of small business operations that is often overlooked when it comes to information security and […]

  • What is the value of a trade secret?

    My guess is that the value of software patents is on the decline, taking value as the net of the economic upside of the software patent less the cost of  patent development, application and enforcement. The dynamic is that the benefit from patent protection in the software industry is less than the cost of the […]

  • Security Leadership

    Gas prices may go down and  electricity may get cheaper –   but In 2009, most of us  will have less money to spend and our clients will be tough on pricing and orders. For information security and compliance professionals it is the time to find, implement and enforce cost-effective security countermeasures. BUT HOW? Tell […]