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  • How to Save Your Data and Reputation if You Lose Your BlackBerry

    5 years ago, an analysis we did of 150 data breach events showed that over 40% of the data breach events were due to stolen or lost hardware devices (Download the free research article on data breach here Business Threat Modeling Study). Stolen or lost devices were in a close second place to data being stolen […]

  • Will smart phones replace credit cards?

    A recent post “Can smartphones replace credit cards” wonders whether or not consumers are ready to  trade in their plastic for their cell-phone. Mobile payment technology has been around for about 10 years and it has not really taken off in a big way – although there are niche applications.  In Tel Aviv for example, […]

  • Social media cell phone

    The newspapers this morning online and print, had a number of items citing how Obama won in the social networking space – au contraire – Obama won the election because he sold Americans a message of hope, even if it was modeled on a character from the TV Series “24”, The majority of Americans are […]

  • Data loss by cellphone

    Is your 50-something IT manager the last one to know about the company getting acquired? An extremely obvious yet perhaps unpleasant observation for over-40 IT managers is that under 30 employees know a lot more about technology and ways to bypass the company security safeguards than they do. A young, hip, mobile and techology-facile workforce […]