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  • The Americanization of IT Research

    The Burton Group have released the results of their research that concludes that Symantec (Vontu), RSA (Tablus) and Websense (Port Authority) are the leading DLP vendors. Burton’s choice is indicative of the Americanization of the information security space, where government compliance regulation and large security vendor marketing agendas appear to drive US customer security decisions. […]

  • Obama cyberspace policy review

    Last week, I got an email from the Internet Security Alliance (a trade association of companies like Raytheon and Northrup-Grumman that lobbies the government on cyber-security issues) with¬† Melissa Hathaway’s speech to the RSA Security conference. Besides all the touch-feely stuff –¬† I didn’t understand anything she is saying (and I’m a native English speaker..). […]