Tag: Revenue assurance

  • Social networking business models

    A colleague who has a startup in the US for social networking for doctors was whining to me the other day that advertising business models are dead for everyone except the top 5-10 Internet properties like Yahoo and Google. He said that Google does a great job of aggregating ads from small Web site but […]

  • Debating estimates of loss is a dead end

    I was working on an article on a holistic approach to data leakage, fraud and revenue leakage today.   Spend most of my Sunday, reading and trying to summarize some of the work we’ve done with our telecom service provider customers in Israel and Poland. I came across a thread entitled What is the acceptable percentage […]

  • How to classify assets in a risk assessment

    One of the more difficult tasks in any fraud, revenue assurance, security or compliance risk assessment is classifying assets and tagging them with a financial value.  Here are a few tips on asset classification and valuation. There are 5 fundamental types of assets: physical assets (like a building or a data center), digital assets (like […]