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  • The connection between application performance and security in the cloud

    I met with Avner Algom last week in his office in Herzliya. Avner is the director of the Israeli Cloud and Grid Technology Consortium – IGT – The IGT is a non-profit organization of leading industry companies, vendors, ISVs, customers, VCs and academia, focused on knowledge sharing and networking for developing Cloud computing/SaaS, Virtualization and SmartGrid […]

  • Host your own SaaS with Open Source – the potential of Mosso

    Show me a profitable business application-as-a-Service (SaaS) company. There is a lot of trade talk about the success of Salesforce.com. Here is a company with a $3.2BN market cap as of Oct 26, 2008 currently trading at 24 down from 72, 5 months ago. In 2007 – SF.com  posted a net income of $480K on […]