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  • The Private Social Network for healthcare

    In his post on the Pathcare blog, I trust you to keep this private, Danny Lieberman talked about the roles that trust, security and privacy play in online healthcare interactions. In this post, Danny talks about healthcare privacy challenges in social networks and describes how to implement a private social network for healthcare without government privacy […]

  • How to keep secrets in healthcare online

    The roles of trust, security and privacy in healthcare.  If President Obama had told his psychiatrist he was gay, you can bet that it would be on Facebook in 5′. So much for privacy. pri·va·cy/ˈprīvəsē/ Noun: The state or condition of being free from being observed or disturbed by other people. The state of being […]

  • Anatonme – a hand held device for improving patient-doctor communications

    From a recent article in Healthcare Global. Studies suggest that 30-50 percent of patients are likely to give up treatments early.  Microsoft Research has developed an innovative, hand-held medical device called Anatonme to help patients understand their issue and complete their treatment plan more often. We’ve been doing research and development into private, controlled social […]

  • Lies of social networking

    Is marketing age segmentation dead? My sister-in-law Ella and husband Moshe came over last night for coffee. Moshe and I sat outside on our porch, so he could smoke his cigars and we rambled over a bunch of topics, private networking,  online banking and the Israeli stock market.  Moshe grumbled about his stock broker not […]

  • Private social networking for healthcare

    I think we’re rapidly approaching a  point in time where people will pay for privacy.  I know that after a super-hot month of August with the house full of kids chain-watching Ratatouille, I would pay someone for some privacy. The privacy controls that governments are attempting to impose on social media and the technical safeguards that […]