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  • Data Classification and Controls Policy for PCI DSS

    Do you run an e-commerce site? Are you sure you do not store any payment card data or PII (personally identifiable information) in some MySQL database? The first step in protecting credit card and customer data is to know what sensitive data you really store, classify what you have  and set up the appropriate security […]

  • Using DLP to prevent credit card breaches

    I think that Data Loss Prevention is great way to detect and prevent payment card and PII data breaches. Certainly, all the DLP vendors think so.  Only problem is, the PCI DSS Council doesn’t even have DLP in their standard which pretty much guarantees zero regulatory tail wind for DLP sales to payment card industry […]

  • Will smart phones replace credit cards?

    A recent post “Can smartphones replace credit cards” wonders whether or not consumers are ready to  trade in their plastic for their cell-phone. Mobile payment technology has been around for about 10 years and it has not really taken off in a big way – although there are niche applications.  In Tel Aviv for example, […]