Tag: Palestinian violence

  • Brainwashed by propaganda?

    I decided to update this post – after the security theater of the week with the Palestinians and Israelis – as if Israel really needs the Palestinians to recognize Israel as a Jewish State and as if not building a few houses is going to give the Palestinian leaders a reason to stop terror and […]

  • Practical information policy

    Does this look simple to you? I think it’s time to get back to security basics after reading the news this morning. Yesterday, there was a  run of high profile data security events: the  Mozilla store data breach, the  DDOS attack on Twitter and Web defacing  by a Palestinian cyber-terror group on leftist Israeli Kadima […]

  • Reducing risk of major data loss events

    Martin Hellman (of Diffie Hellman) fame maintains the Nuclear Risk web site and has written a very insightful piece on risk analysis of nuclear war entitled Soaring, cryptography and nuclear weapons Hellman proposes that we need a  third state scenario (instead current state – > nuclear war) where the risk of nuclear holocaust has been […]

  • What’s in a name?

    Would someone explain the difference between Militants and Terrorist Organizations? Do definitions matter? The PCI DSS 1.2 standard confusingly labels anti-virus “threat management” and security folks often confuse a vulnerability (a state of weakness of an asset) with a threat (something or someone that exploits the vulnerability to cause damage to the asset). I guess […]