Tag: Outsourcing

  • Preventing data leakage when you outsource

    A presentation I gave at the Israeli CISO forum, on how to prevent data breaches when you outsource your I.T operation and/or software development group. Click here to download the presentation Tell your friends and colleagues about us. Thanks!Share this Follow

  • Using DLP to protect your source code

    Dec 10, 2010. Sergey Aleynikov, a 40-year-old former Goldman Sachs programmer, was found guilty on Friday by a federal jury in Manhattan of stealing proprietary source code from the bank’s high-frequency trading platform. He was convicted on two counts — theft of trade secrets and transportation of stolen property — and faces up to 10 […]

  • Network surveillance

    Most companies have reasonable  perimeter security – i.e. a firewall and IDS (intrusion detection system) or IPS (intrusion prevention system).   Although  security people often view an IPS as the next generation of IDS; it’s important to distinguish between the roles of detection and prevention. Detection helps you understand what kind of attacks are being mounted […]

  • Seven software development mistakes not to make in 2009

    One thing that is burnt into my personal flash memory from 7 years at Intel is working in Plan 2009 in September/October. This time of year, I start thinking about how we can survive and grow the business. We all like to think we learn from mistakes, however, recent experiences reminded me that the software […]