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  • Clinical trials in the cloud

    Ben Baumann from Akaza and Open Clinica fame, recently blogged about clinical trials in the cloud.  Ben is pitching the relatively new offering from Akaza called Open Clinica Optimized hosting that offers quick startup using validated Open Clinica instances and resources on-demand on a SAS-70 compliant platform. As Ben noted that in the clinical research field, […]

  • Practical security management for startups

    We normally associate the term “small business” or SME (small to medium sized enterprise) with commercial operations that buy and sell, manufacture products or provide services – lawyers, plumbers, accountants, web developers etc… However – there is an important class of small business operations that is often overlooked when it comes to information security and […]

  • Using DLP to protect your source code

    Dec 10, 2010. Sergey Aleynikov, a 40-year-old former Goldman Sachs programmer, was found guilty on Friday by a federal jury in Manhattan of stealing proprietary source code from the bank’s high-frequency trading platform. He was convicted on two counts — theft of trade secrets and transportation of stolen property — and faces up to 10 […]

  • DimDim acquired by salesforce.com

    Got back from my Friday morning bike ride and popped open my Inbox. Lo and behold – exciting M&A news first thing in the day. Dear Enterprise Customer:: As you may have already heard, Dimdim has been acquired by salesforce.com.  We realize you may be wondering what this means for you. While your Dimdim Enterprise service […]

  • The 7 deadly sins of software security

    Companies spend millions on compliance, but proprietary assets are still getting ripped off by insiders and hackers who compromise buggy, poor-designed applications. Here are 7 software development mistakes you don’t want to make in 2011. 7. Don’t KISS If my experience is any indication – the software industry as a whole is wasting hundreds of millions […]

  • Open Source Security Testing

    Pete Herzog, Founder of ISECOM, will be discussing the revised Open Source Security Testing Methodology Manual (OSSTMM v3) and how it applies to web application security today (10-13-2010) in Raleigh, NC. I’m not sure exactly if this project really qualifies as Open Source – since the license is not specified.  As a methodology and not […]

  • Social networking business models

    A colleague who has a startup in the US for social networking for doctors was whining to me the other day that advertising business models are dead for everyone except the top 5-10 Internet properties like Yahoo and Google. He said that Google does a great job of aggregating ads from small Web site but […]

  • What do hackers want?

    What do hackers really want? No question is more important for mounting  effective security countermeasures. The management, IT and security practitioners cannot expect to mitigate risk effectively without knowing the objectives and cost of potential attacks on their organization. We all depend on transaction processing to run our business and make decisions, no matter how […]