Tag: Open Source economic models

  • Practical security management for startups

    We normally associate the term “small business” or SME (small to medium sized enterprise) with commercial operations that buy and sell, manufacture products or provide services – lawyers, plumbers, accountants, web developers etc… However – there is an important class of small business operations that is often overlooked when it comes to information security and […]

  • Open Access publishing

    The GM of a prospect recently asked me how to control disclosure of internal research documents prior to publication.  It had come as a revelation to him that anyone can post on a blog without permission from a central secretariat.  I asked him how they control face-to-face information exchange with colleagues or competitors outside the […]

  • Teachers Matter More Than PCs

    Just as I was wondering how pumping trillions into banks will solve the GFC (great financial crisis) – along comes Craig Barrett (former CEO of Intel) and tells us that Teachers Matter More Than PCs “We’re bailing out Wall Street, we’ll be bailing out Detroit soon, we’re bailing out the agricultural sector with high subsidies […]