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  • Dealing with DLP and privacy

    Dealing with DLP and privacy It’s a long hot summer here in the Middle East and with 2/3 of  the office out on vacation, you have some time to reflect on data security. Or on the humidity.  Or on a cold beer. Maybe you are working on building a business case for DLP technology like Websense or Symantec or Verdasys, or Mcafee or Fidelis in […]

  • Ehud Barak, information leaks and political activism

    What do Anat Kamm, Ehud Barak and Meir Dagan have in common? Ehud Barak is current Israeli Minister of Defense, former IDF Chief of Staff and former Prime Minister  that led the disastrous withdrawal from Lebanon that fomented Intifada II and then Lebanese War II.  Barak is famous for quotes like “If I was a Palestinian, I […]

  • The political power of social media

    Clay Shirky writes on Foreign Affairs this week Arguing for the right of people to use the Internet freely is an appropriate policy for the United States, both because it aligns with the strategic goal of strengthening civil society worldwide and because it resonates with American beliefs about freedom of expression By switching from an […]

  • Healthcare data interoperability pain

    Data without interoperability =  pain. What is happening in the US healthcare space is fascinating as stimulus funds (or what they call in the Middle East – “baksheesh”) are being paid to doctors to acquire an Electronic Health Records system that has “meaningful use”. The term “meaningful use” is vaguely  defined in the stimulus bill […]

  • How to make Federal data security effective

    I submit that a “no tickee, no washee” strategy might improve US Federal data security. An article published in the Federal Times states that Cyber attacks on Federal networks are up 40% from last year according to a report compiled by the OMB (Office of Management Budget) that  is based on numbers reported by the […]

  • Brainwashed by propaganda?

    I decided to update this post – after the security theater of the week with the Palestinians and Israelis – as if Israel really needs the Palestinians to recognize Israel as a Jewish State and as if not building a few houses is going to give the Palestinian leaders a reason to stop terror and […]

  • US bashing Toyota for displacing GM as #1

    There is a reason why GM is in trouble and Toyota has displaced GM in the number one automobile manufacturer. Here is a piece from a colleague and friend – Todd Walzer, Todd and I worked together at Intel Fab 8 in Jerusalem in the 80’s. Working at Intel Jerusalem in the 1980’s, we were […]

  • Toxic assets

    Forrester just started calling lost credit card numbers “toxic asset”. Since when is data that is publicly available toxic? Tell your friends and colleagues about us. Thanks!Share this Follow

  • Bribes as a way of doing business, the Obama Peace Prize

    When I talk about employee data security vulnerabilities, I like to bring examples of how gambling or cyber-stalking can threaten an employee and make them vulnerable into being exploited and disclosing or manipulated company information. A competitor or criminal may offer to help with a gambling debt in return for stealing some documents.   That’s a […]

  • Overspending on security

    From Allan Paller’s testimony before the US Senate I think the quote speaks for itself. Outside the US – it seems even stranger to believe that US companies have enough money for two cyber security organizations paid for by the US taxpayer. However, federal agencies cannot move effectively to more secure systems unless you shift […]