Tag: network surveillance

  • Netwitness – next generation network traffic analysis

    Imagine Harrison Ford doing traffic analysis on your network. Hmm – there’s a thought. The US-based company – Netwitness has been making a lot of noise lately about their “next generation” capability to perform full session reassembly and threat analysis from packet capture. This is a great feature to have for traffic analysis that has […]

  • What do hackers want?

    What do hackers really want? No question is more important for mounting  effective security countermeasures. The management, IT and security practitioners cannot expect to mitigate risk effectively without knowing the objectives and cost of potential attacks on their organization. We all depend on transaction processing to run our business and make decisions, no matter how […]

  • Network surveillance

    Most companies have reasonable  perimeter security – i.e. a firewall and IDS (intrusion detection system) or IPS (intrusion prevention system).   Although  security people often view an IPS as the next generation of IDS; it’s important to distinguish between the roles of detection and prevention. Detection helps you understand what kind of attacks are being mounted […]