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  • Procedures are not a substitute for ethical behavior

    Are procedures  a substitute for responsible and ethical behavior? The  behavior of former secretary  of  State (and Presidential race loser) Hilary Clinton is an important example of how feeling entitled is not the exclusive domain of under 20-somethings. When we do a threat analysis of medical devices, we try to look beyond the technical security […]

  • Mobile security: Risks of 2014 and beyond

    Courtesy of firstpost.com

    Mobile security: Risks of 2014 and beyond These days the vast majority of us own mobile phones with some of us owning more than one, not to mention all of the PCs, laptops, tablets and watches that keep us connected to the wide world on a daily basis; we live our lives online, we chat online, meet new […]

  • How to Save Your Data and Reputation if You Lose Your BlackBerry

    5 years ago, an analysis we did of 150 data breach events showed that over 40% of the data breach events were due to stolen or lost hardware devices (Download the free research article on data breach here Business Threat Modeling Study). Stolen or lost devices were in a close second place to data being stolen […]

  • Android 2.2 supports mobile cloud security

    Courtesy of Cloud Computing Topics – Olafur Ingthorsson Android 2.2 is now fulfilling the minimum enterprise security requirements, i.e. device locking and remote wiping – amidst a long list of other enterprise cloud computing must-haves. It seems that with the latest Android release, v. 2.2, Google is stepping into the enterprise mobile cloud computing realm with […]

  • Data availability and integrity – the Apple/Microsoft version

    I have over 2,300 contacts on my iPhone and like any reasonable person, I wanted to backup  my contacts. I figure my iPhone wont last forever. Like a fool, I thought it might be a good idea to test the restore process also. The Ubunutu One service based on Funambol doesn’t really work so that […]

  • Will smart phones replace credit cards?

    A recent post “Can smartphones replace credit cards” wonders whether or not consumers are ready to  trade in their plastic for their cell-phone. Mobile payment technology has been around for about 10 years and it has not really taken off in a big way – although there are niche applications.  In Tel Aviv for example, […]

  • Worst executive behavior of the month award

    For my Israeli readers – הדבר היחיד שיותר גרוע מלהיות לא רציני זה לצאת פרייר. I’m collecting data for a couple of articles on data security in social networks and ad-hoc mobile networks so I’ve been a little slow on blogging lately – so I’m down to general management and risk management stuff. I think […]

  • Data loss by cellphone

    Is your 50-something IT manager the last one to know about the company getting acquired? An extremely obvious yet perhaps unpleasant observation for over-40 IT managers is that under 30 employees know a lot more about technology and ways to bypass the company security safeguards than they do. A young, hip, mobile and techology-facile workforce […]

  • Operational risk is not a bad business decision

    I was looking at the CSI 2008 security survey recently and noticed that the top three loss categories are fraud (number 1), viruses (number 2) and data loss (number 3). I’m a little dubious about viruses landing up in the number 2 slot.  We haven’t even installed anti-virus software on our office workstations in the […]