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  • What is more important – patient safety or hospital IT?

    What is more important – patient safety or the health of the enterprise hospital Windows network?  What is more important – writing secure code or installing an anti-virus? A threat analysis was performed on a medical device used in intensive care units.  The threat analysis used the PTA (Practical threat analysis) methodology. Our analysis considered […]

  • The top 10 mistakes made by Linux developers

    My colleague, Dr. Joel Isaacson talks about the top 10 mistakes made by Linux developers. It’s a great article and great read from one of the top embedded Linux programmers in the world. The Little Engine That Could Copyright 2004 Joel Isaacson. This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution License. I  try to […]

  • Medical device security in a hospital network

    Medical devices are everywhere today.  In your doctors office measuring your blood pressure, at your cosmetician (for hip reduction…) and in the hospital for everything from patient monitoring to robot-assisted surgery. The people that develop embedded medical devices based on Intel platforms know that Windows is vulnerable. Lacking embedded Linux know-how, medical device developers often […]

  • Imperfect knowledge security

    A few months ago I wrote about The Black Swan of Security – how major data loss events have 3 common characteristics – 1) A major data loss event appears as a complete surprise to the company . 2) Data loss has a major impact to the point of maiming or destroying the institution (note […]

  • Solaris and real-time Java for embedded systems?

    It’s always interesting to see if industry analysis stands the test of time, like Dana Gardner (formerly with the Yankee Group, now with Interarbor Solutions)  who told Internetnews.com back in 2004 that  “Solaris may find fertile ground in the embedded space with a combination of real-time Java and the Solaris operating system”. Hmm. Now there’s […]