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Choosing endpoint DLP agents

There is a lot to be said for preventing data loss at the point of use but if you are considering endpoint DLP (data loss prevention), I recommend against buying and deploying an integrated DLP/Anti-virus end-point security agent.  This is for 4 reasons:
  • Bloatware/system resource consumption – if you’re concerned with anti-virus system resource usage, imagine layering another 100MB of software, another 20MB of data security rules and loads of network traffic for management just for the luxury of getting a good deal from Symantec on a piece of integrated software that IT doesn’t know how to manage anyhow.
  • Software vulnerabilities – if you have issues with the anti-virus – you don’t want them affecting your data flows via the DLP agent. Imagine a user uninstalling  the anti-virus and impacting the DLP agent.
  • Diversity – the strong anti-virus products have weak DLP agents – which means that the advantage of a single management platform is spurious. Having strong anti-virus software on your Windows PCs from a vendor like McAfee complements having strong data loss prevention from a company like Verdasys.
  • Not a good fit for the organization – IT manage the Anti-virus,   Security manage the data security and never the twain shall meet.
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Datat loss prevention conference: DLP-Expert Russia

Friday October 2, 2009 I gave a talk at the data loss prevention conference DLP-Expert in Istra – just ouside of Moscow.   I say “just outside” euphemistically, because it took us 4 hours to drive from Domdedovo airport to Istra – a trip of about 80 kilometers. Natalya Kaspersky presented an interesting market survey they did that showed high awareness of data loss threats among SMBs.

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There were about 200 people from Russian companies – both end users like Gazprom and Star Bank as well as a security integrators and consultants. The conference was sponsored by Infowatch, Kaspersky, Cisco, Symantec and Mcafee.

I presented a systematic approach to selecting data security technology in order to prevent intellectual property abuse.   The system is based on the scientific method and predicates verifying two basic hypotheses – namely that a) data loss is happening and b) that cost-effective data security countermeasures exist.

The talk was well received and a few people came up to me and complemented my presentation skills – one person was a bit amused that I was using a technique used as far back as Galileo.

Click here to download the presentation – Choosing the right data security technology

After the conference, we took a few days off to tour Moscow, the challenge of navigating the Cyrillic signs in the Metro was fun and one of the days we had the assistance of a good friend Svetlana Tumanova.

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