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  • Free risk assessment of your web site

    With all the news about credit card breaches, there are probably a lot of people scurrying about trying to figure out the cheapest and fastest way to reduce the risk of some Saudi hacker stealing credit cards or mounting a DDOS attack on their web site. I have written here, here and here about how […]

  • The Israeli credit card breach

    There are 5 reasons why credit cards are stolen in Israel. None have to do with terror; 4 reasons are cultural and the 5th is everyone’s problem: “confusing compliance with security“. I  could write a book on mismanagement of data governance and compliance, data security, web server security, web application software security. In 2003, I […]

  • Customer security with software security

    If you are an IT person, this article may be a waste of your time. But – if you are in the business of making and delivering products with software inside – read on. What threats really count for your business? No question is more important for implementing an effective security and compliance program for your […]

  • Israeli software innovation

    Saw this item on the Israeli Export Institute Web site – unfortunately the article quoted on redorbit.com doesn’t exist anymore.   Someone didn’t pay their advertising bill? As a special tribute to the Israeli software industry, while the state of Israeli celebrates its 60th anniversary, the redorbit.com website sums up some of the major achievements of […]