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  • A word to Teva on firing employees and assuring data security

    To be able to do something before it exists, sense before it becomes active, and see before it sprouts. The Book of Balance and Harmony (Chung-ho chi). A medieval Taoist book In early December 2017, the Israeli pharmaceutical generics company Teva announced it would lay off about 1,700 of its employees in Israel, who make up […]

  • Business context for ISO 27001

    ISO 27001 is increasingly popular because of compliance regulation and the growing need to reduce the operational risk of information security. What ISO 27001 is missing though, is the business context – the ability for an SME to determine the cheapest and most effective security countermeasures and their order of implementation.  Since ISO 27001 certification requires compliance […]

  • Giving ISO 27001 business context

    ISO 27001 is arguably the most comprehensive information security framework available today. Moreover, it is a vendor neutral standard. However – ISO 27001 doesn’t relate to assets or asset value and doesn’t address business context which requires prioritizing security controls and their costs.  This article discusses the benefits of performing an ISO 27001 based risk […]

  • How to assess risk – Part II: Use attack modeling to collect data

    In my article – “How to assess risk – Part I: Asking the right questions”, I talked about using attack modeling as a tool to collect data instead of using self-assessment check lists. In this article, I’ll drill down into some of the details and provide some guidelines on how to actually use attack modeling […]

  • Compliance, security and Wikileaks

    This is an essay I wrote in 2004.  There is nothing here that doesn’t still ring true, especially with the latest round of Wikileaks disclosures. I wrote then and I still hold that  compliance and and data security technology cannot protect an organization from a data breach. The best security countermeasures  for protecting a company’s […]