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Obama cyberspace policy review

Last week, I got an email from the Internet Security Alliance (a trade association of companies like Raytheon and Northrup-Grumman that lobbies the government on cyber-security issues) with  Melissa Hathaway’s speech to the RSA Security conference.

Besides all the touch-feely stuff –  I didn’t understand anything she is saying (and I’m a native English speaker..). There were a few cute gems like this one:

“….Matthew Broderick in War Games, Robert Redford in Sneakers, Sandra Bullock in The Net, and Bruce Willis in Live Free and Die Hard. These and other movies present the types of issues that we should care about and solve together.“.

Ms. Hathaway’s perspective on security appears to be influenced by the movies, which is consistent with President Obama, who thinks he’s living in an episode of “The West Wing“. If you can figure out what she’s saying – drop me a comment in this blog. Let’s circle back in 6 months after the report is made public and see how many cost-effective security countermeasures the government Cyberspace security task force has produced.  Isn’t  “cost-effective” and “government”  an oxymoron?

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