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  • What is more important – patient safety or hospital IT?

    What is more important – patient safety or the health of the enterprise hospital Windows network?  What is more important – writing secure code or installing an anti-virus? A threat analysis was performed on a medical device used in intensive care units.  The threat analysis used the PTA (Practical threat analysis) methodology. Our analysis considered […]

  • Five things a healthcare CIO can do to improve security

    A metaphor I like to use with clients compares security vulnerabilities with seismic fault lines. As long as the earth doesn’t move – you’re safe, but once things start moving sideways – you can drop into a big hole. Most security vulnerabilities reside in the cracks of systems and organizational integration and during an M&A, those […]

  • The top 2 responses to data security threats

    How does your company mitigate the risk of data security threats? Is your company management adopting a policy of “It’s other peoples money”? In a recent thread on LinkedIn – Jody Keyser shared some quotes from David Vose’s book on risk, reliability and computerized risk modeling:  Risk Analysis a quantitative guide. The responses to correctly identified […]

  • Cultural factors in DLP

    What is interesting and generally overlooked – is the cultural differences between the US and the rest of the world.  The Europeans prefer a more nuanced approach stressing discipline and procedures,The Americans are compliance driven and IT top heavy, I imagine if you look at DLP sales – 98% are in the US, being (right or […]

  • Dissonance is bad for business

    In music, dissonance is  sound quality which seems “unstable”, and has an aural “need” to “resolve” to a “stable” consonance. Leading up to the Al Quaeda attack on the US in 9/11, the FBI investigated, the CIA analyzed but no one bothered to discuss the impact of Saudis learning to fly but not land airplanes. […]

  • Trusted insider threats, fact and fiction

    Richard Stiennon is a well known and respected IT analyst – he has a blog called IT Harvest. A recent post had to do with Trusted insider threats.Despite the length of the article, I believe that the article has a number of fundamental flaws: Overestimating  the value of identity and access management in mitigating trusted […]

  • Who is the key person in your security organization

    In the late 80’s I was a hyperactive programmer at a small VAX/VMS software house. We were group of 5 programmers – we had some nice accounts – like Intel, and National Semiconductor, Hadassah Hospital and Amdocs, but I always felt intimidated by the big IT integrators. One day – my DEC account manager told […]

  • USDA bans non IE browsers

    The new Israeli administration has invited Microsoft to head a government IT steering comittee – the item caused a bit of a ruckus in the Israeli Open Source community a few months ago – although I personally feel that as the world’s largest software vendor – they have a lot to contribute. Now I think […]

  • Data security – is psychology more important than technology?

    We had a discussion with a prospect for a DLP (data loss prevention) system) that started with discussing the pros and cons of various DLP solutions (Verdasys, Mcafee DLP, Websense, Fidelis Security) and finished with a drill-down into how they can build a business case to acquire and implement data security technology. After a very […]

  • Reporting to a management board that doesn’t want to listen

    Like the warnings on cigarette packets – whistle blowing may be hazardous to your health. HBOS chief risk officer Paul Moore blew the whistle on the bank’s risk exposure and lost his job. Last week, the UK Treasury Select committee heard allegations from  Moore ( who was sacked by Sir James Crosby in 2005) – […]