Tag: Information assurance

  • The connection between porn, fraud and data breaches

    Are organizations with higher exposure to online porn and gambling more likely to have a higher incidence of data breach incidents? On the heels of recent Israeli credit card breach incidents, the reports of suspected fraud and money laundering at ICC CAL are bad timing at the very least for Israeli security and compliance. Last […]

  • The effectiveness of access controls

    With all due respect to Varonis and access controls in general (Just the area of Sharepoint is a fertile market for data security), the problem of internally-launched attacks is that they are all done by the “right” people and / or by software agents who have the “right” access rights. There are 3 general classes […]

  • Data security metrics

    Anything can be measured. AsĀ  Bertrand Russell wrote – All exact science is based on approximation. If a man tells you he knows a thing exactly, then you can be safe in inferring that you are speaking to an inexact man. This is one of the talks I gave at our weekly Thursday seminar – […]