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  • Message queuing insecurity

    I met with Maryellen Ariel Evans last week. She was in Israel on vacation and we had coffee on the Bat Yam boardwalk. ¬† Maryellen is a serial¬†entrepreneur; her latest venture is a security product for IBM Websphere MQ Series. She’s passionate about message queue security and I confess to buying into the vision. She […]

  • Imperfect knowledge security

    Keeping the organization robust in a highly dynamic threat environment Our capacity to predict will be confined to . . . general characteristics of the events to be expected and not include the capacity for predicting particular individual events. . .Yet the danger of which I want to warn is precisely the belief that in […]

  • Business process mapping and risk management

    Many risk management consultants tell organizations that they must perform a detailed business process mapping and build data flow diagrams of data and users who process data in order to achieve compliance and reduce the operational risk of information security. This is a very bad idea. Business process mapping is an expensive task to execute […]

  • A strategic inflection point in the security industry

    Compliance is like being at all the rehearsals with a sharp pencil and playing your part perfectly – but not showing up to the gig. Being inside a strategic inflection point of change is like waking up during your own murder. Inside a strategic inflection point of change, the people inside the system are not […]