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  • Why Google is a bad idea for security and compliance

    Dear consultant, I worry because so many of the best practices documents I read say that we need to store data in the cloud in Canada if we do business in Canada. See page 19 here – Health privacy in Canada Sincerely – consumer healthcare product manager Dear consumer healthcare product manager – First of all. […]

  • Why big data for healthcare is dangerous and wrong

    The Mckinsey Global Institute recently published a report entitled – Big data: The next frontier for innovation, competition, and productivity . The Mckinsey Global Institute report on big data is no more than a lengthy essay in fallacies, inflated hyperbole, faulty assumptions, lacking in evidence for its claims and ignoring the two most important stakeholders of […]

  • Bionic M2M: Are Skin-mounted M2M devices – the future of eHealth?

    In the popular American TV series that aired on ABC in the 70s, Steve Austin is the “Six million Dollar Man”, a former astronaut with bionic implants. The show and its spinoff, The Bionic Woman (Lindsay Wagner playing a former tennis player who was rebuilt with bionic parts similar to Austin after a parachuting accident) […]