• The megaupload bust

    My daughter was distressed yesterday after the Feds shutdown the megaupload file sharing site – “How am I going to see all those series and Korean movies I love? It’s not fair!” The FBI have been after Mr Dotcom for 8 years. His big problem was not the file sharing but his other criminal activities. […]

  • Is network PVR the best direction for the big studios ?

    The distribution of video over multicast-broadcast networks and content storage at by users with Windows PCs and PVRs has created a huge threat surface for digital content. Typical to flawed security countermeasures, HDCP and AACS exacerbate and enlarge the threat surface rather than enhance revenues and reduce risk. In this article we will show that […]

  • Blu-ray is dead, I told you so.

    Over a year ago I wrote that proprietary content protection schemes like HDCP and AACS would drive production and ownership costs of high-definition content  so high as to be uneconomical for the consumer mass market. Blu-Ray copy protection was broken in the beginning of  2007, but the  HDCP black-listing scheme defied the laws of physics […]