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  • The Tao of GRC

    I have heard of military operations that were clumsy but swift, but I have never seen one that was skillful and lasted a long time. Master Sun (Chapter 2 – Doing Battle, the Art of War). The GRC (governance, risk and compliance) market is driven by three factors: government regulation such as Sarbanes-Oxley, industry compliance […]

  • What is security?

    So what is security anyhow? Security is not about awareness. A lot of folks talk about the people factor and how investing in security awareness training is key for data protection. I think that investing in formal security awareness training, internal advertising campaigns and all kinds of fancy booklets and cards for employees is a […]

  • The financial impact of cyber threats

    Kudos to ANSI for publishing a free guide to calculating cyber risk. Better late than never – thousands of security professionals in the world use the Microsoft Threat Modeling Tool and the popular free threat modeling software PTA, to calculate risk in financial terms – not to mention the thousands of other users of risk […]