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  • SOX IT Compliance

    A customer case study – SOX IT Compliance We performed a Sarbanes-Oxley IT top down security assessment for a NASDAQ-traded advanced technology company. The objectives for the study were to evaluate the internal and external threats that impact the company’s information assets. Using the Business threat modeling (BTM) methodology, a practical threat analysis PTA threat model was constructed and a number […]

  • Spector 360, data loss prevention tool?

    Remember the “The  Phil Spector Sound”? (I grew up on rock and roll just outside of Philly and when you say Spector, I associate it with  Phil Spector or Arlen Spector – my mind is just wired that way…. A business partner of ours in a developing country asked me a security product question today. […]

  • Preventing data loss or reacting to data loss.

    I love New York but I live in Israel. DLP (Data Loss Prevention or extrusion prevention) is an important category of IT security that helps protect data from leaving the network. Keeping the good stuff in, as opposed to keeping the bad guys out. Israel has a booming IT security industry with Checkpoint, Radware, Algosec, […]