Tag: Data theft

  • How to protect your personal information from medical data theft

    Private, personal information can be bought and sold on the black market for as little as fifty cents to a dollar, according to a report from Fox Business. But personal medical information can go for much higher prices, creating a market for criminals looking to defraud insurance companies of exorbitant sums of money. Overall, about $40 […]

  • Charged for stealing 130 million credit card numbers

    A Miami man has been charged with the largest data theft ever. Less than 5 years ago, the main modus operandi for stealing identity information was dumpster diving.  If you shredded your statements, you were safe.   However – today, it’s much more effective to steal the data directly from large retailer databases. Once you’re in […]

  • Ex-Intel worker charged with $1B data theft

    Big time data theft event, this time by an employee leaving Intel to go to work for AMD. A Worcester, Mass. man has been charged with stealing trade secrets worth more than $1 billion. Biswamohan Pani, 33, was indicted for allegedly stealing trade secrets from Intel’s Hudson, Mass. facility and downloading confidential documents from Intel […]