Tag: Data retention

  • N Digital TV data breach in Poland

    Polish digital TV broadcaster N (owned by ITI Neovision) has disclosed a breach of customer data records – after PII was discovered accidentally on the Net by a subscriber via a search engine. The partner who manages our offices in Warsaw (the team specializes in high end data security consulting and DLP projects in Central […]

  • Exploiting a wireless mesh network for utilities

    I think it’s only a matter of time before someone exploits a wireless mesh network that controls and reads home utility meters to get free water and electricity. Until then, there is a problem of range and coverage. Greentech media reports that Trilliant ( a smart meter neighborhood networking startup) has bought SkyPilot for it’s […]

  • US Military firms recruiting hacker soldiers

    It seems that the GFC is creating a movement of migratory hi-tech workers from Silicon Valley to the Beltway. I’m not sure that an unemployed IT security analyst turned hacker is the best choice for a defense contractor – the really good guys and gals are always in demand – and those DC summers are […]

  • What is a DLP solution?

    These days everyone has a DLP solution – it’s like a Dilbert cartoon. The latest and definitely most effective DLP product is – you guessed it – the venerable Cheyenne Arcserve Backup. I got this in the email today. THIS FEATURED DOWNLOAD SPONSORED BY: CA IT Problem: IT managers are expected to withstand a wide […]

  • Very large scale digital asset collections

    The next age of discovery is upon us it seems. A digital arms race has been heating up in recent years as companies pour millions into large-scale digitization projects, including Microsoft’s effort to scan 80,000 books at the British Library and IBM’s multimillion-dollar project to create a virtual version of China’s Forbidden City By taking […]