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  • Is cyber security and mobile device management important in the healthcare industry?

    Is cyber security and mobile device management important in the healthcare industry? Healthcare and technology go hand in glove more than almost any other sector in today’s business world. This statement is true today and will remain so into the future. Patient records form just one element of the vast mountain of data that is stored and […]

  • The valley of death between IT and information security

    IT is about executing predictable business processes. Security is about reducing the impact of unpredictable attacks to a your organization. In order ot bridge the chasm – IT and security need to adopt a common goal and a common language – a language  of customer-centric threat modelling Typically, when a company ( business unit, department or […]

  • Russian cybercrime – pride or prejudice?

    Mark Galeotti has a piece on the online Moscow News  today entitled Why are Russians excellent cybercriminals?  Mr Galeotti seems to have most of his facts right as he wonders: “Why does every hacking and cyberscam story – real or fictional – seem to have a Russia connection?In part, it is prejudice and laziness. The stereotype of the […]

  • A strategy for combating cyber terror

    Instead of getting some real work done this morning,  I started collating some thoughts on cyber security strategy. I guess it’s a lot easier to think about strategies than to fix buggy, risky code. For most people – there are two worlds, the cyberspace world and the physical, people-populated world. This dichotomy of two separate spaces […]

  • Offensive security

    I have written several times in the past here, here and here about the notion of taking cyber security on the offensive James Anderson, president of Professional Assurance LLC, says that there is no evidence that governments can protect large firms from cyber attacks. “National security authorities may not even acknowledge that their interests align […]

  • Microsoft gives source code to Chinese government

    Sold down the river. A phrase meaning to be betrayed by another. Originated during the slave trade in America. Selling a slave “down the river” would uproot the slave from their from spouses, children, parents, siblings and friends. For example: “I can’t believe that Microsoft gave their source code to the Chinese in a pathetic […]

  • Cyber crime costs over $1 trillion

    A pitch from Alex Whitson from SC TV for a Webinar on the LinkedIn Information Security Community piqued my attention with the following teaser: As you may have read recently, Cybercrime is now costing the UK $43.5 billion and around $1 trillion globally. Sponsored by security and compliance auditing vendor nCircle, the Webinar pitch didn’t cite any sources for the […]

  • Windows USB vulnerabilities reign supreme

    In an article to be published Wednesday August 26, 2010 discussing the Pentagon’s cyberstrategy, Deputy Defense Secretary William J. Lynn III says malicious code placed on a removable drive by a foreign intelligence agency in 2008 uploaded itself onto a network run by the U.S. military’s Central Command – source: Washington Post “That code spread […]