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  • Cyber crime costs over $1 trillion

    A pitch from Alex Whitson from SC TV for a Webinar on the LinkedIn Information Security Community piqued my attention with the following teaser: As you may have read recently, Cybercrime is now costing the UK $43.5 billion and around $1 trillion globally. Sponsored by security and compliance auditing vendor nCircle, the Webinar pitch didn’t cite any sources for the […]

  • Small business data security

    Here are 7 steps to protecting your small business’s data and and intellectual property in 2011 in the era of the Obama Presidency and rising government regulation. Some of these steps are about not drinking consultant coolade (like Step # 1- Do not be tempted into an expensive business process mapping project) and others are adopting best practices […]

  • Facebook disclosure cancels raid on terrorists

    I want to challenge the effectiveness of top-down, monolithic security frameworks (ISO 27001/PCI DSS) – I submit that rapidly changing threats – social networking, cyberstalking, social engineering, cyber-stalking and custom spyware are threats that exploit people and system vulnerabilities but are not readily mitigated by a top down set of security countermeasures. The recent case […]

  • Learning about change and changing your security

    Reading through the trade press, DLP vendor marketing collateral and various forums on information security,  the conventional wisdom is that the key threat to an organization is trusted insiders. This is arguable – since it depends on your organization, the size of the business and type of operation.   However – This is certainly true […]

  • Business unit strategy for data security

    At a recent seminar on information security management, I heard that FUD (fear, uncertainty and doubt) is dead, that ROI is dead and that the insurance model is dead. Information security needs to give business value. Hmm. This sounds like a terrific idea, but the lecturer was unable to provide a concrete example similar to […]

  • Product counterfeiting in aerospace industry

    This seems to be my weekend for  product counterfeiting.   I was in Tel Aviv last week on Dizengoff and picked up a couple of paperbacks at the “Book Junkie” bookstore for 5 sheqels/book (that’s about $1.25!) – one of them was Michael Crichtons’ novel Airframe (The book is genuine… and they have an amazing collection […]

  • Drug counterfeiting, hype or health?

    Counterfeiting is a hot issue not only because it hits vendors in the pocket but because of the public health/safety implications. Product counterfeiting ranges from fashion, such as Dolce & Gabbana handbags,  high performance bike frames such as Specialized Bikes to faking innovative drugs such as Viagra. The Israeli onlline business daily “The Marker” recently […]

  • Mafia country, counterfeiting currency

    Back in the late 70s when I was a grad student in physics I gave a paper in Pisa and then in Bari.  The differences between Pisa and Bari were very clear – Pisa – Northern Italy, very European and industrialized, Bari, South of Italy, very agricultural and very Mediterranean – the one thing that […]

  • Preventing drug counterfeiting

    Counterfeiting is old as money itself. We recently had the opportunity to work with a large generic pharmaceutical company examining innovative methods for preventing product counterfeiting. In order to build cost justification for the project, we performed a quantitative threat modeling exercise that involved valuation of assets and analysis of a number of product counterfeiting […]