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  • Where your living room meets your PC

    I recently got a new notebook (a Lenovo Thinkpad X-Series) and it’s great (my old Acer Travelmate dual core is still chugging along and refuses to die although the screen is beginning to fade – so the time had come to update personal technology). The first thing I noticed was that it comes with an […]

  • Digital Terrestrial TV in Japan

    A year ago, I worked with Joel Isaacson  on a VOD / IPTV project  – and I’m still pretty interested in whats happening in digital media – especially since we got to say “I told you so”. (we predicted the death of Blu-Ray and the rise of video download two years ago). This note is from […]

  • Triple play in South Africa

    Safika-controlled Goal Technology Solutions (GTS) and Dimension Data’s Internet Solutions, have designs on delivering affordable TV services to SA households. Neither will need a pay-TV licence from the Independent Communications Authority of SA (Icasa) as the service, which is delivered on demand, is not technically defined as broadcasting. operators could soon face competition from ISPs  […]