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  • Why the Clinton data leaks matter

    In the middle of a US Presidential election that will certainly become more contrast-focused (as politically correct Americans like to call mud-slinging), the Clinton data leaks are interesting and also worth investigation for their longer-term impact on the US economy, Shaky ethics versus data protection A friend who is a political science professor told me that […]

  • 3 things a medical device vendor must do for security incident response

    You are VP R&D or CEO or regulatory and compliance officer at a medical device company. Your medical devices measure something (blood sugar, urine analysis, facial anomalies, you name it…). The medical device interfaces to a mobile app that provides a User Interface and transfers patient data to a cloud application using RESTful services over HTTPS. Sound familiar? […]

  • Why Google is a bad idea for security and compliance

    Dear consultant, I worry because so many of the best practices documents I read say that we need to store data in the cloud in Canada if we do business in Canada. See page 19 here – Health privacy in Canada Sincerely – consumer healthcare product manager Dear consumer healthcare product manager – First of all. […]

  • The mistakes you will make on your next cloud project

    Are you considering cloud security in the abstract or cloud security in your software? Looking at cloud security issues in the abstract, we see 4 areas of concern: Mobility of Resources and multi-tenancy Identity and access management Data protection Incident response and assessment When choosing a cloud solution for your business application, it is easy […]

  • Clinical trials in the cloud

    Ben Baumann from Akaza and Open Clinica fame, recently blogged about clinical trials in the cloud.  Ben is pitching the relatively new offering from Akaza called Open Clinica Optimized hosting that offers quick startup using validated Open Clinica instances and resources on-demand on a SAS-70 compliant platform. As Ben noted that in the clinical research field, […]

  • Monica Belluci and Security

    Trends –  security and movie stars, Manuela Arcuri and  Monica Bellucci, Verisign and Mcafee. Information security and  risk analysis is complex stuff, with multiple dimensions  of people, software, performance, management, technology, assets, threats, vulnerabilities and control relationships.  This is why it’s hard to sell security to organizations. But, information security is also a lot like fashion with cyclical […]

  • Security is in the cracks

    Yesterday I spent most of the day re-installing one of the  workstation in the office with Ubuntu 11.10. I like what I saw, but the Unity interface is not my cup of tea so I installed Gnome – what they call Classic Ubuntu. In principle I shut down as many operating services as I can […]

  • Digital content protection

    A customer case study – Digital content protection for VOD on a TCP unicast network One of our most interesting projects recently was a digital content protection and secure content distribution software development projects  in the field of IPTV and video on demand. We were called in at a critical stage in project delivery to […]

  • Message queuing insecurity

    I met with Maryellen Ariel Evans last week. She was in Israel on vacation and we had coffee on the Bat Yam boardwalk.   Maryellen is a serial entrepreneur; her latest venture is a security product for IBM Websphere MQ Series. She’s passionate about message queue security and I confess to buying into the vision. She […]

  • The connection between application performance and security in the cloud

    I met with Avner Algom last week in his office in Herzliya. Avner is the director of the Israeli Cloud and Grid Technology Consortium – IGT – The IGT is a non-profit organization of leading industry companies, vendors, ISVs, customers, VCs and academia, focused on knowledge sharing and networking for developing Cloud computing/SaaS, Virtualization and SmartGrid […]