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  • 3 things a medical device vendor must do for security incident response

    You are VP R&D or CEO or regulatory and compliance officer at a medical device company. Your medical devices measure something (blood sugar, urine analysis, facial anomalies, you name it…). The medical device interfaces to a mobile app that provides a User Interface and transfers patient data to a cloud application using RESTful services over HTTPS. Sound familiar? […]

  • Why security defenses are a mistake

    Security defenses don’t improve our understanding of the root causes of data breaches Why is this so? Because when you defend against a data breach – you do not necessarily understand the vulnerabilities that can be exploited. If do not understand the root causes of your vulnerabilities, how can you justify and measure the effectiveness of […]

  • How to use BI to improve healthcare IT security

    Information technology management is about executing predictable business processes. Information Security Management is about reducing the impact of unpredictable attacks to  your  healthcare provider organization. Once we put it this way – it’s clear that IT and security and compliance professionals, as dedicated as they are to their particular missions – do not have common […]

  • The mistakes you will make on your next cloud project

    Are you considering cloud security in the abstract or cloud security in your software? Looking at cloud security issues in the abstract, we see 4 areas of concern: Mobility of Resources and multi-tenancy Identity and access management Data protection Incident response and assessment When choosing a cloud solution for your business application, it is easy […]

  • Clinical trials in the cloud

    Ben Baumann from Akaza and Open Clinica fame, recently blogged about clinical trials in the cloud.  Ben is pitching the relatively new offering from Akaza called Open Clinica Optimized hosting that offers quick startup using validated Open Clinica instances and resources on-demand on a SAS-70 compliant platform. As Ben noted that in the clinical research field, […]

  • The valley of death between IT and information security

    IT is about executing predictable business processes. Security is about reducing the impact of unpredictable attacks to a your organization. In order ot bridge the chasm – IT and security need to adopt a common goal and a common language – a language  of customer-centric threat modelling Typically, when a company ( business unit, department or […]

  • Apps vs. the Web, enemy or friend?

    Saw this item on Gigaom. George Colony, the chairman and CEO of Forrester Research, re-ignited a minor firestorm recently, with a presentation at the LeWeb conference in which he argued that the web is dead, and being replaced by the app economy — with mobile and smartphone apps that leverage the cloud or other services rather than […]

  • Monica Belluci and Security

    Trends –  security and movie stars, Manuela Arcuri and  Monica Bellucci, Verisign and Mcafee. Information security and  risk analysis is complex stuff, with multiple dimensions  of people, software, performance, management, technology, assets, threats, vulnerabilities and control relationships.  This is why it’s hard to sell security to organizations. But, information security is also a lot like fashion with cyclical […]

  • Security is in the cracks

    Yesterday I spent most of the day re-installing one of the  workstation in the office with Ubuntu 11.10. I like what I saw, but the Unity interface is not my cup of tea so I installed Gnome – what they call Classic Ubuntu. In principle I shut down as many operating services as I can […]

  • Cloud security assessment

    A customer case study – cloud security assessment Faced with a steep bill for securing a new cloud application, a client asked us to help find a way to reduce their risk exposure at the lowest possible cost. By using the Business Threat Modeling methodology and PTA (Practical Threat Analysis) software, we were able to build a […]