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  • Small business data security

    Here are 7 steps to protecting your small business’s data and and intellectual property in 2011 in the era of the Obama Presidency and rising government regulation. Some of these steps are about not drinking consultant coolade (like Step # 1- Do not be tempted into an expensive business process mapping project) and others are adopting best practices […]

  • Is your DLP project a failure?

    Are we in the same valley of death that held  content management applications in the 90s?  Where companies spent 6-7 figures on content management from companies like Vignette and over 50% of the projects never got off the ground? Tell me what you think in this Linked In poll – DLP success or failure Tell […]

  • Data loss prevention from inside out

    I love how this Cisco video clip on Blip TV starts with examples of DDOS attacks and then uses shots of incoming content filtering and then dramatizes with a cop not allowing a visitor into the booth –  what is going on here?  Cisco didn’t have budget for an editor who knows the difference between […]

  • Is data loss prevention possible?

    I recently saw an article on Computerweekly that asks – “Is data loss prevention possible?” I think that a more relevant question is “Is information protection possible?” The  author correctly identifies that it’s easier to access data (and leak it) than to modify or delete data.  However, the notion that data is out of control […]

  • Data loss prevention for SME

    Is a SME like the old German expression – Kleine Kinder kleine Sorgen, große Kinder große Sorgen? “Small children, small problems, big children, big problems”? I wanted to call this post “The need to understand operational risk of information security” – but I realised that op risk is a concept used by big banks and […]

  • Ex-Intel worker charged with $1B data theft

    Big time data theft event, this time by an employee leaving Intel to go to work for AMD. A Worcester, Mass. man has been charged with stealing trade secrets worth more than $1 billion. Biswamohan Pani, 33, was indicted for allegedly stealing trade secrets from Intel’s Hudson, Mass. facility and downloading confidential documents from Intel […]

  • Industry indicators

    Are test equipment sales  a bellwether of the telecommunications and technology industry prospects? I have been looking for macro indicators of what will happen in the telecommunications industry. We specialize in  data  security for telecommunications. Data security is a big issue for companies in flux – firing employees, turning more to outside contractors and merging […]

  • The credit crunch, Cisco and Nortel

    I was talking with my friend Gennady Weizman yesterday about medium term (as in the next 6-18 months) impact of the current financial markets crisis on the tech market.   Most of our business is in the telecom industry – so I have an interest in whether our clients will have money to spend. it appears […]