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  • The Israeli credit card breach

    There are 5 reasons why credit cards are stolen in Israel. None have to do with terror; 4 reasons are cultural and the 5th is everyone’s problem: “confusing compliance with security“. I  could write a book on mismanagement of data governance and compliance, data security, web server security, web application software security. In 2003, I […]

  • Why Microsoft shops have to worry about security

    I am putting together a semester-long, hands-on security training course for a local college.   The college asking me for the program showed me a proposal they got from a professional IT training company for a 120 hour information security course. They are trying to figure how to decide, so they send me the competing […]

  • Small business data security

    Here are 7 steps to protecting your small business’s data and and intellectual property in 2011 in the era of the Obama Presidency and rising government regulation. Some of these steps are about not drinking consultant coolade (like Step # 1- Do not be tempted into an expensive business process mapping project) and others are adopting best practices […]

  • Is your DLP project a failure?

    Are we in the same valley of death that held  content management applications in the 90s?  Where companies spent 6-7 figures on content management from companies like Vignette and over 50% of the projects never got off the ground? Tell me what you think in this Linked In poll – DLP success or failure Tell […]

  • Imperfect knowledge security

    A few months ago I wrote about The Black Swan of Security – how major data loss events have 3 common characteristics – 1) A major data loss event appears as a complete surprise to the company . 2) Data loss has a major impact to the point of maiming or destroying the institution (note […]

  • Preventing intellectual property abuse

    One of my pet peeves with security vendors like Symantec, Vontu, Websense and Checkpoint is marketing collateral that totally disregards the basics of security – it’s like they hired an English major straight out of school and told them to start writing. Sensitive assets, confidential assets, proprietary assets – you can make a total mishmash […]

  • Are you on your firewall, while your employees are on Gmail?

      Pop question No. 1: What percent of your employees send sensitive company documents  to their Gmail accounts? Pop question No. 2: When you layoff 15 percent of your workforce, should you fire the information security manager a) First, b) Last or c) Give her an incentive to help ensure that a data breach of […]