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  • What is more important – patient safety or hospital IT?

    What is more important – patient safety or the health of the enterprise hospital Windows network?  What is more important – writing secure code or installing an anti-virus? A threat analysis was performed on a medical device used in intensive care units.  The threat analysis used the PTA (Practical threat analysis) methodology. Our analysis considered […]

  • SOX IT Compliance

    A customer case study – SOX IT Compliance We performed a Sarbanes-Oxley IT top down security assessment for a NASDAQ-traded advanced technology company. The objectives for the study were to evaluate the internal and external threats that impact the company’s information assets. Using the Business threat modeling (BTM) methodology, a practical threat analysis PTA threat model was constructed and a number […]

  • DLP for telecom service providers

    A customer case study: Using DLP to protect customer data at a telecom service provider Our first data loss prevention  (DLP) project was in 2005 with 013 Barak – now 013 Barak/Netvision. It followed on the heels of an extensive business vulnerability assessment and management level decision to protect customer data.   It’s significant that 013 […]

  • DLP in on-line trading

    A customer case study  – DLP helped diamonds.com be more secure and more competitive. We designed and implemented a large scale IT infrastructure modernization project that was tasked with improving availability, scalability and security of the online diamond trading networks at diamonds.com and diamonds.net. Network DLP appliances were deployed in the US and in EMEA […]

  • Digital content protection

    A customer case study – Digital content protection for VOD on a TCP unicast network One of our most interesting projects recently was a digital content protection and secure content distribution software development projects  in the field of IPTV and video on demand. We were called in at a critical stage in project delivery to […]

  • Cloud security assessment

    A customer case study – cloud security assessment Faced with a steep bill for securing a new cloud application, a client asked us to help find a way to reduce their risk exposure at the lowest possible cost. By using the Business Threat Modeling methodology and PTA (Practical Threat Analysis) software, we were able to build a […]