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  • 14 years after 9/11, more connected, more social, more violent

    Friday, today is the 14’th anniversary of the Al Queda attack on the US in New York on 9/11/2001. The world today is more connected, more always-on, more accessible…and more hostile. There are threats from Islamic terror, identity theft, hacking for pay, custom spyware, mobile malware, money laundering and corporate espionage. For those of us […]

  • Ten steps to protecting your organization’s data

    Here are 10 steps  to protecting your organization’s privacy data and intellectual property. As a preface, begin with the understanding that you already have all the resources you need. Discussions with colleagues in a large forensics accounting firm that specialize in anti-fraud investigations, money laundering and anti-terror funding (ATF), confirm what I’ve suspected for a […]

  • What risks really count for your business?

    Is there a “black-box” security solution for the business? What risks really count for your business? No question is more important for implementing an effective program of security countermeasures. The management, IT and security practioners cannot expect to mitigate risk effectively without knowing the sources and cost of threats to the organization. We all depend […]

  • Risk management – bringing brick and mortar security to IT

    I was talking with a prospect yesterday who is an information security manager; extremely professional and creative at what he does.   In the course of the conversation, I realized that there are fundamental differences in mentality between IT and Security practitioners. Back when I wrote COBOL/CICS applications for Tadiran Information systems – some of our […]