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The role of leadership in protecting data

Frank Sinatra in a recording session

Is a little fear in the workplace a good thing?

Management Rewired, is a new book by the consultant Charles Jacobs. Instead of standardized procedures, dictated targets and harsh but true feedback, Jacobs suggests we’ll get better results “if, rather than trying to thwart their natural inclinations, we just accept how people behave and make the most of it.”

From an individual perspective – the insight is of course, correct. Continue reading

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The Artie Shaw collection is up for sale

If you have some spare cash and you’re into swing – this item will interest you:

Announcing the offer for sale of the personal library and archives of Artie Shaw (1910-2004), the great American bandleader, author, iconoclast and raconteur.

The library consists of approx. 6,000 books, many with his personal notations. The archive, in over 33 boxes, contains his personal papers, correspondence from numerous wives and contemporary celebrities, scripts relating to his motion picture production company, musical lead sheets, etc. (Note: his musical arrangements only, were given to the University of Arizona during his lifetime.)

Also included are the literary drafts of his published works as well as his monumental 1,200+ page autobiographical novel that he was still working on at the time of his death. A catalog has been prepared listing the highlights of the books and archive. Any interested party should please contact Kenneth   Karmiole
karmbooks@aol.com or phone 310-451-4342.

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