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  • Ehud Barak, information leaks and political activism

    What do Anat Kamm, Ehud Barak and Meir Dagan have in common? Ehud Barak is current Israeli Minister of Defense, former IDF Chief of Staff and former Prime Minister  that led the disastrous withdrawal from Lebanon that fomented Intifada II and then Lebanese War II.  Barak is famous for quotes like “If I was a Palestinian, I […]

  • Microsoft in close cooperation with new Israeli government

    The Israeli online economic daily Calcalist published an item which has drawn the wrath of the Israeli Free Open Source community. However – reading the item carefully – I would say that all of the objectives are fair enough and worthy enough for the largest software vendor in the world to be involved.   I would […]

  • Why I am voting Likud

    My friend Jacob Richman wrote a page on his web site explaining why he will vote Ichud Leumi (NUP). As a person who has traditionally voted for religious/Zionist parties – I feel compelled to answer Jacob in public. There are a number of flaws in his argumentations regarding the National Union Party (NUP) 1. The […]