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  • Ehud Barak, information leaks and political activism

    What do Anat Kamm, Ehud Barak and Meir Dagan have in common? Ehud Barak is current Israeli Minister of Defense, former IDF Chief of Staff and former Prime Minister  that led the disastrous withdrawal from Lebanon that fomented Intifada II and then Lebanese War II.  Barak is famous for quotes like “If I was a Palestinian, I […]

  • US companies had no plan for the downturn?

    Alistair Milne, a professor at the City University of London’s Cass Business School deserves gets my nomination for Cassandra of the year award. I saw a report on BNET this morning that “1/3 of US companies had no plan for the downturn”. In Israel it’s more like 99% of companies and 100% of the government […]

  • On Sarah Palin and Zipi Livni

    This political cartoon was posted exactly 2 years ago in the Jerusalem Post. The world financial markets are on fire and Zipi Livni  is busy logrolling and playing spin the bottle with Shas and the Labor Party (who are trying to disguise their own version of corruption as a social conscience). Omer Zak has written […]