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  • Monica Belluci and Security

    Trends –  security and movie stars, Manuela Arcuri and  Monica Bellucci, Verisign and Mcafee. Information security and  risk analysis is complex stuff, with multiple dimensions  of people, software, performance, management, technology, assets, threats, vulnerabilities and control relationships.  This is why it’s hard to sell security to organizations. But, information security is also a lot like fashion with cyclical […]

  • Mobile device security challenges

    It has been said that there is nothing new under the sun and that every generation forgets or never learned the hard-earned lessons from the spilled blood of the previous generation. Reviewing the security and compliance issues  of a new mobile medical device recently, I was struck by how familiar many of the themes are. […]

  • Android 2.2 supports mobile cloud security

    Courtesy of Cloud Computing Topics – Olafur Ingthorsson Android 2.2 is now fulfilling the minimum enterprise security requirements, i.e. device locking and remote wiping – amidst a long list of other enterprise cloud computing must-haves. It seems that with the latest Android release, v. 2.2, Google is stepping into the enterprise mobile cloud computing realm with […]