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  • Data loss prevention at work – video and porn

    Bahya ibn Paquda was the author of the first Jewish system of ethics written in Arabic in 1040 under the title Al Hidayah ila Faraid al-Qulub, Guide to the Duties of the Heart. In his view, most people acted in accord with selfish, worldly motives. This was almost 2,000 years ago before the age of […]

  • Eating your own dog food

    People often ask me to help them find jobs.Often, the answer is that it’s time to go out on your own, start a new career in a non-technology field, doing something you love and do well. But sometimes, I suggest improving interview skills in order to improve the chances of getting hired. After having given […]

  • Better physical security with more eyeballs

    Big companies have lobbies and receptionists. They may have many visitors during the day not to mention messengers from FedEx, DHL, TNT, Poczta etc. A DHL courier recently visited the offices of a client to pick up a package.  He walked in, picked up 5 expensive mobile computers and notebooks, put them in the pouch […]

  • Understanding culture reduces risk

    It’s during the war on Hamas in Gaza and I got on a thread on a blog about why Islam is so violent. I explained that there are fundamental ideological differences between Islam and Judaism. For starters – Islam values land but not human life, Jews value human life and are willing to compromise on […]

  • Social media cell phone

    The newspapers this morning online and print, had a number of items citing how Obama won in the social networking space – au contraire – Obama won the election because he sold Americans a message of hope, even if it was modeled on a character from the TV Series “24”, The majority of Americans are […]

  • Misguided Security

    I recently signed up on the ANSI Web site to download a document on cyber risk calculation and they had a minimum 10 character password requirement –  they also share your personal data (all demographics are required fields by the way) with third parties – at least they have an opt-out check box on the […]

  • When should you encrypt email?

    A while back, a colleague asked me what is the best way to encrypt internal email. My first question to him was – what is the threat,  who is  the attacker and what is the asset you are protecting? Are you trying to encrypt business communications between employees and vendors/customers to protect from eavesdroppers or […]

  • Automated hacking of Joomla Web sites

    A lot has been written about Google-aided automation of hacking. There is little I can add to this topic besides some personal and practical advice. If you’re running Joomla 1.5 you may have noticed queries of the sort  “powered by joomla .domain_name_extension” in your Apache access.log file. It’s almost certain you’ll find a few of […]