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  • The megaupload bust

    My daughter was distressed yesterday after the Feds shutdown the megaupload file sharing site – “How am I going to see all those series and Korean movies I love? It’s not fair!” The FBI have been after Mr Dotcom for 8 years. His big problem was not the file sharing but his other criminal activities. […]

  • Professional skill sets

    We spent the past week in Tzfat  (Safed) – situated in the northern part of Israel and with a 900meter elevation, the weather is cool and dry and a welcome relief from the humidity and heat of Tel Aviv. We met a couple at dinner one evening – the husband is a retired aerospace software […]

  • The first circle

    It has been a while since I blogged about music – but someone asked me today what do I listen to when I need that extra boost and cheering up, and the answer was Pat Matheney – “The first circle” There is something about Pat Matheney that appeals to people of all different backgrounds and […]

  • World fusion

    Songlines Magazine,which specializes in world music reviewed the latest album from BandOrient- led by Yair Dalal and Eli Benacot (Eli is the musical director of the JP Big Band – where I play tenor and clarinet and serve as the contractor).  The group are amazing musicians – Yair is one of the world’s best oud […]

  • The role of leadership in protecting data

    Is a little fear in the workplace a good thing? Management Rewired, is a new book by the consultant Charles Jacobs. Instead of standardized procedures, dictated targets and harsh but true feedback, Jacobs suggests we’ll get better results “if, rather than trying to thwart their natural inclinations, we just accept how people behave and make […]

  • Hip Replacement

    Personally I prefer a good guitarist who can read and improvise. Tell your friends and colleagues about us. Thanks!Share this Follow

  • The Artie Shaw collection is up for sale

    If you have some spare cash and you’re into swing – this item will interest you: Announcing the offer for sale of the personal library and archives of Artie Shaw (1910-2004), the great American bandleader, author, iconoclast and raconteur. The library consists of approx. 6,000 books, many with his personal notations. The archive, in over […]

  • Looking for trumpet players

    Wanted – 2 strong trumpet players and 1 lead for the JP Big Band You don’t have to be Kenny Wheeler but you should be a good reader, have decent chops and be willing to get into a serious big band for a long term gig. call me at 054 447 1114 Tell your friends […]

  • Creativity beats cheap outsourcing

    Most Israeli high-tech workers (and most have not been fired) have enough disposable income, a reasonably interesting job and a fairly clueless boss that is even more interested than them in personal job security. Salaries and costs (with all the perks) of an engineer in Israel are as high as in the US. Creativity not […]