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  • What is the best project management software for a startup

    Somehow I got roped into a thread on Quora and noticed this item Lots of people shilling their Web 2.0 SaaS services for project management but at the end of the day, you have to ask why a startup even needs project management software. I’ve been thru a few startups either as founder or CTO […]

  • Home alone, at work: 6 tips for independent consultants

    A good friend of mine, who was a senior manager at IBM, is now working as a freelance consultant – as he put it: I’m discovering the good (and the bad) of “freelance life” – plenty of free time – but not always when (or where) I want it One of my in-laws has a […]

  • Professional skill sets

    We spent the past week in Tzfat  (Safed) – situated in the northern part of Israel and with a 900meter elevation, the weather is cool and dry and a welcome relief from the humidity and heat of Tel Aviv. We met a couple at dinner one evening – the husband is a retired aerospace software […]

  • Clear and present danger – on a bike.

    Walking down the street this afternoon – I could not believe my eyes. I see this  bike streak by down the main street. A father riding a bike (with a helmet) and baby in back seat (with helmet) – talking on a cell phone. Now That’s Foolish and Dangerous. Tell your friends and colleagues about […]

  • Great achievements involve great risk

    Is it possible to have good kharma in information security – when you’re trying to keep the bad guys off your network (firewall, IPS) and keep the good suff inside (data loss prevention) and maintain good internal security (network surveillance)? I got a Powerpoint slide show in the email this morning from my friend Jeff […]

  • Man – is it hot today!

    This Sunday I have an early morning meeting and I won’t be able to do my planned 5 hour ride. Shucks.  So, I left this morning at 6:00 and climbed the hill thru Mevo Horon to the beginning of the big climb to Neve Ilan, down to Shaar Hagai and thru Derech Nof Dromit thru […]

  • Things they don’t tell programmers

    Today is a rest day from bike riding. I have on my todo list a bunch of F&A items – like expense reports and cleaning out my inbox from old scraps of paper. I found one of those scraps with notes on writing a business plan. Waiting for a flight back to Israel from EWR […]

  • From Modiin to Neve Ilan on a mountain bike

    Two weeks ago, my friend Bob called me up and invited me to a night ride from Park Canada (aka Park Ayalon) to Neve Ilan – I pleaded busy with other things (like preparing the Torah reading for Shabat) but I was actually unsure I could hack it at night. But – just to prove […]