Credit card shims

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Using shims that fit into the ATM machine and read your mag stripe data has been around for a while.  It’s a good way to get the track 2 data but it won’t get your PIN (which if you are in Europe and the Middle East is part of the VISA chip and pin security for credit cards – the PIN is not stored on the card, so it can’t be read by skimming with a slot reader or shimming with a piece of plastic inside the ATM slot).     Now, it seems there is fairly low tech way to capture your PIN by using a flexible keypad overlay on top of the regular ATM keypad as you can see here – this ATM keyboard will steal your PIN

To these rather technical attacks on credit card data, we also have a kind of side attack as recently reported in Paris – where two women waited next to a man on line and waited until he entered his PIN number at the ATM and then dropped their shirts and flashed their boobs – as you can see in this post – stealing money with their boobs

Not bad.

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