Security theater and security politics

I had some input from colleagues on my Stuxnet posts – suggesting that I was downgrading the need to be vigilant against cyber-threats.  Of course we must be vigilant, but let’s not forget a couple things:

1) We have to get the basics right –

Note the Siemens guideline for implementing WinCC:  “system administrator password can be assigned by the user and supports adherence to company password conventions”

Which Siemens themselves do not follow in their field implementations.  If they had – then Stuxnet would not have been able to exploit the default password vulnerability in WinCC

2)  Security theater is one thing.   Security lobbies hyping cyber-war and cyber-terror in order to garner Federal funding, paid for by your tax dollars is another.  Unfortunately – the Obama administration agenda on fighting terror is more oriented towards security theater and politics than addressing the root causes starting with shutting down funding of Hamas and Al-Qaida by the Saudis and the Iranians, which seems to me, to be infinitely more effective than bullying the Israelis to stop building schools and homes.

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