Truth in security packaging

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We have come here this evening to fulfill two obligations that we have to the American family. We are here to defend truth and we are here to avoid tragedy.

I asked a colleague recently about the hype so prevalent in the information security industry and he answered that by now – most of his IT manager clients either don’t pay attention or discount the press releases and white papers.

Man – that’s good news – because I find the entire FUD+PR person+Security Vendor triangle to be very problematic.

I personally would like to see Truth in packaging applied to Security technology in particular and ICT in general.

Almost 42 years ago – The Fair packaging and Labeling Act (Truth in packaging) was signed by Lyndon Johnson. Quoting LBJ:

“This is a strong but simple law. It requires the manufacturer to tell the shopper clearly and understandably exactly what is in the package, who made it, how much it contains, how much it costs.

The housewife should not need a scale or a yardstick or a slide rule or computer when she shops. This law will eliminate that need. The housewife should not have to worry which is bigger–the full jumbo quart or the giant economy quart. This law will free her from that uncertainty and that problem. It will protect her from being shortchanged by slack filling where a box is made bigger than its contents.

This law is one weapon against high prices. It will mean that the American family will get full and fair value for every penny, dime, and dollar that that family spends.”

Replace housewife with CEO and American family with business and you get my drift

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