Worst executive behavior of the month award

For my Israeli readers – הדבר היחיד שיותר גרוע מלהיות לא רציני זה לצאת פרייר.

I’m collecting data for a couple of articles on data security in social networks and ad-hoc mobile networks so I’ve been a little slow on blogging lately – so I’m down to general management and risk management stuff.

I think that cutting and running as soon as possible from unreliable business partners is an exercise in sound risk management.  Let me know if you agree after reading the following story.

I have an acquaintance, Eran Lasser who is co-founder and joint GM of John Bryce Training.  Back when I ran Bynet Software (a Microsoft distributor and ACS – Authorized Support Center), we did some training projects with Eran as we were launching Windows NT and later Microsoft Backoffice.

I reached out to Eran last week with some ideas for management level training courses in areas where I have some personal expertise – data security and more recently using social software for B2B sales. He asked their VP Business development, Ori Lapid to meet with me – and within a day or two a secretary made an appointment.  The morning of the appointment – the secretary called to confirm – I came in a few minutes early and waited patiently for Ori to start the meeting.

After 5, 10 and 15 minutes went by with the secretary giving me the usual disclaimer of “he will be with you in a few minutes” – I told the secretary that Ori’s 15 minute academic grace period had expired and I left.  I thought it was significant and also a vindication of my decision to walk out that neither the secretary nor Ori Lapid bothered to contact me and apologize for wasting my time.

This is  the epitome of what Israelis call “not being serious” or as they say in Israel.

הדבר היחיד שיותר גרוע מלהיות לא רציני זה לצאת פרייר.

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